Will my dog be kenneled/crated/separated?

Here at Unique Dog Boarding Inc., we want your dog to have its own vacation, full of fun and freedom! Each of our 3 dog rooms house a pack of 8 dogs and, as long as your dog finds his/her pack, they will stay loose all the time. There are, however, a few special cases which determine a separate vacation experience, in the Owner’s bedroom. Veronica’s room is equipped with its own private yard, ideal for those who need alone time and/or those in need of potty breaks throughout the night.

These Include:

  • Puppies – While they will have PLENTY of free time, when it’s naptime or bedtime, a crate may be necessary. Puppies will be puppies!
  • Seniors – Many of our seniors are on various medications that require extra hydration and extra potty breaks 24/7. These fragile furry friends will camp out with Veronica or the on duty Pet Sitter to ensure they have total access.
  • Introverts – We have all had that one dog who decided he/she didn’t want/need any other dog friends. While we strive to create new opportunities for friendships, we respect that some dogs just prefer to be alone.
  • Post-Op – If your dog is recovering from a surgical procedure, he/she will have the space needed to heal in a calm atmosphere. We are always on-site and will make sure their needs are taken care of, no matter what those needs are.
  • Owner’s Request – You know your dog. If your dog is a typical den animal, and prefers his/her crate to eat/sleep/time-out, we will accommodate those needs. Just let us know!

Do you have any Size/Breed Restrictions?

No. We accept all breeds and have accommodations for all sizes. We’re an equal opportunity Dog Ranch. “Big or Small, We Take ‘Em All!”.

Do you board dogs that are intact?

Yes, but if your intact dog is too pushy or dominant and disrupts pack play, we will separate. **We DO NOT board intact females during their heat cycle.**

When are you open?

We are open to the public from 7am-7pm, Monday thru Saturday. At 7pm our gates close, and we begin our ‘Settle-In’ routine with our boarding dogs. Traffic in/out disrupts the wind down, so we cut it off at that time. We reopen to the public at 7am. (*Note* We are on-site 24/7) We Do NOT do tours on Sunday. We are only open for Drop-Off and Pick-up!

Do you offer Daycare?

Yes, as long as we are not at boarding capacity. If we are full with boarding dogs, we will temporarily suspend daycare services.

What does “All Inclusive” mean in your Daily Flat-Rate?

“All Inclusive” is just what it sounds like. We don’t have an ‘A la Carte’ here. If your dog is in need of extra one-on-one time, extra walks, medication, special meal prep, bedtime routine, cuddles, treats, kissy sounds, googly eyes or anything else he/she is used to at home…It’s included! Beyond extra charges for certain holidays, late pick-up and our transportation services, it’s all included in your Daily Flat-Rate!

Can I bring my dog’s food?

YES. We require that you bring your dog’s food from home. Our purpose is to reduce stress by keeping your routine as close as possible, especially with your dog’s feeding habits. We don’t want to mess with his/her digestive tract and disrupt their ‘business’. Whether you prepare raw, kibble or both, we can handle it. It’s why we made a kitchen just for the dogs!